College Education:

Dean obtained a degree in Advertising from

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A relaxed and easy going professional, Mr. Clark has had two studios in the past, but now travels the country (and beyond) to capture images both personally and professionally.

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Early Biography:

Dean demonstrated an interest in photography as a teenager when he earned a box camera by selling vegetable and flower seeds door to door in the small town of Orange, Texas.
Once the camera arrived in the mail, he loaded it with film and promptly climbed a telephone pole to become level with a heavy length of black insulated wire which sagged from pole to pole down the street. Another of his early compositions was created on the Galveston ferry when he kneeled down to shoot through one of the scuppers to frame another passing ferry in the oval shaped drain hole. So an early appreciation of perspective or point of view marked Clark's entry into the art of photography.

Present Day:

Now Dean enjoys virtually every field of photography, from landscapes and wildlife photography to studio creations.  Sometimes a "found" scene just begs for him to capture it just as nature presents it ...

...and then at other times it is a challenge to have an idea that might need special props, backgrounds and lighting ...

His classes there helped him to develop an eye for composition and detail. After working briefly in that field in San Antonio, he purchased a quality Nikon F2 camera and "consumed" all the books in the photography section of the library.  Dean then embarked on training himself to "see" light as the camera sees it, and to anticipate the lenses and camera settings needed to capture the images that he began to visualize. Next he moved to Houston where he sold a seldom used hunting pistol in order to buy his first darkroom equipment. With the resultant ability to print his own black and white photographs, Dean started his own business and began to acquire advertising and industrial clients, in addition to portrait assignments and weddings. Initially under the name of H. Dean Clark, Photographer, and then later as Clark Fine Photography, his growing assignment work allows him to additionally pursue his own personal photographic interests.

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Dean has a knack for putting his subjects at ease. He is especially known for his patience with infants, children, pets and the occasional "difficult Uncle Harry" in those big group portraits.

During photo assignments, Dean has a reputation for enjoying himself, and frequently teases everyone...

... and when the subjects in front of the camera realize that the photographer is having a good time, then the mood often spreads - making it more fun for all of those involved.