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“Wrigley and Lucy”

“Beagle Buddies”

and their now Married Friends...

with BOTH Weddings also photographed by Dean
OUR PETS play such an important role in our lives that it is only natural to capture them in a fine portrait... either as a member of the family, or in a pose by themselves. Dean has years of experience photographing not only dogs and cats of all breeds, but also horses, sheep, pigs, rabbits, turtles and even snakes. They are like toddlers in their behavior and response to us, so preparation and then patience is what is required to achieve a lasting portrait that you will be proud to display.  Just share with Dean the name, breed, age, size, coloration, disposition and other characteristics of your loved one. And remember those "props" that you and your pet might also enjoy, along with some of their favorite treats to entice their attention and as a reward for their cooperation.
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the Pug

sits nicely

in a Chair

“Midori” - Black Pug Pup in Black Pot


        in Florida

The “Lantern Ladies”

and their Pets

in Abingdon, VA


  Strikes a pair of Poses

  in Lancaster,PA

“Jubal” shows

some personality

north of

Baltimore, MD.